myPay Announces Two-Factor Authentication Coming Soon

Your identity and financial information are valuable to you…..and those thieves looking to steal it. Experts in online security say passwords are no longer a sure-fire means to keep unwanted visitors out of your online business. Two-factor authentication, already familiar to many, is coming to myPay bringing an additional layer of protection in safeguarding pay account information for military retirees and annuitants.

Simply put, two-factor authentication uses your smartphone number or email address to provide a means to verify that you are, well, you and not someone who has discovered your myPay Login ID and password.

Already in use by many banks and credit unions, online accounts are secured with Login IDs and passwords. When an account holder enters this information, a unique one-time PIN is sent to the individual’s smartphone via text message or as an email message to an address contained in the user’s myPay profile. Once the one-time PIN is entered on the myPay login screen, access to the account is provided.

The one-time PIN verification code remains valid for a short time so it will be important that the user have access to the smartphone or email account previously selected by the user to receive the information. While initially available for myPay account access on a voluntary opt-in basis, it is anticipated that two-factor authentication will be required for all myPay accounts sometime in 2021.

More detailed information, including instructions for updating email addresses and smartphone numbers, will be sent via a myPay SmartDocs email as the date for two-factor authentication nears. Notices and other information will also be provided on the DFAS public website ( and the agency’s Facebook channel (

Maintaining your myPay account, including passwords and up-to-date profile information, is vital to protecting your online business with DFAS. Even if you login one time a year to retrieve your 1099R tax statement, now is a good time to prepare yourself to make sure you….and only you….can get the information so necessary in today’s digital world.

Page last updated on Sept 16, 2020