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FY 2011 DoD Authorization Act - Public Law 111-383

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Note: The following is a partial FY11 NDAA listing containing statutory items impacting DoD financial management.


Subtitle A: Pay and Allowances

  • Sec. 601. Ineligibility of certain Federal civilian employees for Reservist income replacement payments on account of availability of comparable benefits under another program.

Subtitle B: Bonuses and Special and Incentive Pays

  • Sec. 611. One-year extension of certain bonus and special pay authorities for reserve forces.
  • Sec. 612. One-year extension of certain bonus and special pay authorities for health care professionals.
  • Sec. 613. One-year extension of special pay and bonus authorities for nuclear officers.
  • Sec. 614. One-year extension of authorities relating to title 37 consolidated special pay, incentive pay, and bonus authorities.
  • Sec. 615. One-year extension of authorities relating to payment of other title 37 bonuses and special pays.
  • Sec. 616. One-year extension of authorities relating to payment of referral bonuses.

Subtitle C: Travel and Transportation Allowances

  • Sec. 621. Extension of authority to provide travel and transportation allowances for inactive duty training outside of normal commuting distances.
  • Sec. 622. Travel and transportation allowances for attendance at Yellow Ribbon Reintegration events.

Subtitle D: Disability, Retired Pay and Survivor Benefits

  • Sec. 631. Elimination of cap on retired pay multiplier for members with greater than 30 years of service who retire for disability.
  • Sec. 632. Payment date for retired and retainer pay.
  • Sec. 633. Clarification of effect of ordering reserve component member to active duty to receive authorized medical care on reducing eligibility age for receipt of non-regular service retired pay.
  • Sec. 634. Conformity of special compensation for members with injuries or illnesses requiring assistance in everyday living with monthly personal caregiver stipend under Department of Veterans Affairs program of comprehensive assistance for family caregivers.
  • Sec. 635. Sense of Congress concerning age and service requirements for retired pay for non-regular service.

Acquisition Policy and Management

  • Sec. 805. Acquisition of major automated information system programs.

Subtitle C: Amendments to General Contracting Authorities, Procedures, and Limitations

  • Sec. 825. Extension of sunset date for certain protests of task and delivery order contracts.

Part III: Financial Management

  • Sec. 881. Audit readiness of financial statements of the Department of Defense.
  • Sec. 882. Review of obligation and expenditure thresholds.


  • Sec. 1102. Requirements for Department of Defense senior mentors.
  • Sec. 1103. One-year extension of authority to waive annual limitation on premium pay and aggregate limitation on pay for Federal civilian employees working overseas.
  • Sec. 1104. Extension and modification of enhanced Department of Defense appointment and compensation authority for personnel for care and treatment of wounded and injured members of the Armed Forces.
  • Sec. 1105. Rate of overtime pay for Department of the Navy employees performing work aboard or dockside in support of the nuclear aircraft carrier forward deployed in Japan.


  • Sec. 2704. Transportation plan for BRAC 133 project under Fort Belvoir, Virginia, BRAC initiative 

Updated March 3, 2011