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PL 111-118: FY10 DoD Appropriations Act

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Note: The following is a partial listing of FY10 legislation containing statutory items impacting DoD financial management.

DFAS Related Issues:

General Provisions:

  • Limitation conversions to contractor performance, Section 8016
  • OMB Circular A-76, contracting out, Section 8023
  • Alaska Territorial Guard (World War II), Section 8055
  • Reporting incremental contingency operations costs, Section 8106
  • Stop Loss, special pay, Section 8108
  • OMB Circular A-76 prohibits use of funds to award contractor/conversion of federal employee functions, Section 8117

PL 111-84: FY10 DoD Authorization Act

Compensation and Personnel Benefits:
  • Fiscal Year 2010 increase in military basic pay, Section 601
  • Increase in Maximum Monthly Amount of Supplemental Subsistence Allowance for low-income Members with Dependents, Section 602
  • Special Compensation for Members of the Uniformed Services with Catastrophic Injuries or Illnesses Requiring Assistance in everyday living, Section 603
  • Benefits under Post-Deployment/Mobilization Respite Absence Program for certain periods before Implementation of Program, Section 604

Bonuses and Special and Incentive Pays:

  • Proration of certain special and incentive pays to reflect time during which a member satisfies eligibility requirements for the special or incentive pay, Section 618
  • Additional Assignment pay or special duty pay authorized for members agreeing to serve in Afghanistant for extended periods, Section 619
  • Temporary Authority for Monthly Special Pay for Members of the Armed Forces subject to continuing active duty or service under stop-loss authorities, Section 620
  • One-year Extension of certain bonus and special pay authorities for Reserve Forces, Section 611
  • One-year Extension of certain bonus and special pay authorities for Health Care Professionals, Section 612
  • One-year Extension of special pay and bonus authorities for Nuclear Officers, Section 613
  • One-year Extension of authorities relating to Title 37 Consolidated Special Pay, Incentive Pay and Bonus Activities, Section 614
  • One-year Extension of authorities relating to Payment of other Title 37 Bonuses and Special Pays, Section 615
  • One-year Extension of authorities relating to payment of Referral Bonuses, Section 616
  • Technical Corrections and Conforming amendements to reconcile conflicting amendments regarding continued payment of bonuses and similar benefits for certain members, Section 617
  • Travel and Transportation for Survivors of Deceased Members of the Uniformed Services to Attend memorial ceremonies, Section 631
  • Travel and Transportation allowances for designated individuals of wounded, ill, or injured members of the uniformed services for duration of inpatient treatment, Section 632
  • Authorized Travel and Transportation allowances for non-medical attendants for very seriously and seriously wounded, ill or injured members, Section 633
  • Reimbursement of Travel expenses of Members of the Armed Forces on Active Duty and their Dependents for travel for specialty care under exceptional circumstances, Section 634

Retired Pay and Survivor Benefits:

  • Recomputation of Retired Pay and Adjustment of Retired Grade of Reserve Retirees to reflect Service After Retirement, Section 642
  • Election to receive Retired Pay for non-regular service upon retirement for service in an active reserve status performed after attaining eligibility for regular retirement, Section 643
  • Treatment as Active Service for Retired Pay purposes of service as a member of Alaska Territorial Guard during World War II, Section 645
  • Limitations on Collection of Overpayments of Pay and Allowances Erroneously Paid to Members, Section 661


  • Assessment of Improvements in Service Contracting, Section 802
  • Justification and Approval Of Sole-Source Contracts, Section 811
  • Amendment to Notification Requirements for awards of single source task or Delivery notices, Section 814
  • Enhancement of Expedited Hiring Authority for Defense Acquisition Workforce Positions, Section 831

DoD Organization/Management:

  • Deputy Under Secretaries of Defense and Assistant Secretaries of Defense, Section 906
  • Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System Development and Transition, Section 932

General Provisions:

Civilian Personnel Matters:

  • One-year Extension of Authority to Waive Annual Limitation on Premium Pay and Aggregate Limitation on Pay for Federal Civilian Employees Working Overseas, Section 1106
  • Extension of Certain Benefits to Federal Civilian Employees on Official Duty in Pakistan, Section 1107
  • Requirement for Department of Defense Strategic Workforce Plans, Section 1108
  • Adjustments to Limitations on Personnel and Requirements for Annual Manpower Reporting, Section 1109
  • Availability of Funds for Compensation for Civilian Employees of Department of Defense, Section 1111
  • Provisions Relating to the National Security Personnel System, Section 1113
  • Authority to Expand Scope of Provisions Related to Unreduced Compensation for Certain Reemployed Annuitants, Section 1121
  • Part-timeReemployment, Section 1122

Other Matters:

  • One year extension and expansion of Commander's Emergency Response Program, Section 1222
  • Department of Defense use of Electric and Hybrid Motor Vehicles, Section 2844

Federal Employee Benefits: Title 1X

  • Credit for Unused Sick Leave, Section 1901
  • Limitated Expansion of the class of individuals eligible to receive an actuarily reduced annuity under the Civil Service Retirement Service, Section 1902
  • Coputation of Certain Annuities based on part-time service, Section 1903
  • Authority to Deposit Refunds Under FERS, Section 1904
  • Retirement Credit for Service of Certain Employees Transferred from District of Columbia Service to Federal Service, Section 1905

SUBTITLE B: Non-foreign Area Retirement Equity Assurance

  • Extension of Locality Pay, Adjustment of Special Rates, transition schedule for locality-based comparability payments, savings provision, application to other eligible employees, election of additional basic pay for annuity computation by employees, regulations, effective date, Sections 1911-1919
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