Defense Finance
and Accounting Service

Providing payment services of the U.S. Department of Defense



Pay.gov . . . Government Remittance Made Easy

Pay.gov is a United States Treasury website that allows contractors and vendors to make secure electronic remittances to DFAS.

Pay.gov Benefits

  • Free, fast and easy to use
    • No cost account set up and within a few easy steps, you can pay your DFAS bills electronically in minutes.
  • Secure online access
    • No risk of compromised account information due to lost mail or hackers.
  • Convenient 24/7 access
    • Access Pay.gov anywhere, anytime.
  • Immediate remittances
    • Eliminate paper checks and avoid potential interest charges by delayed mail delivery.
  • Single Entry or multiple remittance options available:
    • Create a login account and store your debit/credit card or checking/savings account information for future or recurring remittances.

For a single remittance:

1) Visit www.pay.gov
2) Under ‘What Federal Agencies Can I Pay?’ click ‘Agency List’
3) Click on the letter ‘D’ for DFAS and then select “Defense Finance and Accounting Service” from the list
4) Select the appropriate form (i.e. DFAS Form 6355) and follow the on-screen instructions

To establish an account for recurring remittances:

Select the “Click Here to Register” link under “Should I Register” to create an account.

If you have questions please contact the DFAS Customer Care Center at 1-800-756-4571 or contact cco-systems-support-helpdesk@dfas.mil.