Accomplishments Tips

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Highlight accomplishments related to the position for which you are applying.  This is a big deal! Go back to each period of work in your list and think about the actual work you performed. Hiring managers are looking for specific accomplishments you can describe that demonstrate you have “soft skills” (e.g. analytical ability, communication, creativity) and “hard skills” (e.g. payroll, accounting systems, database management) that distinguish you from other candidates. Address appropriate skills in your resume.

One of the clearest methods to describe your accomplishments is to address them separately after each period of work.  Consider the following writing techniques to create strong and powerful action statements in a truthful manner. Illustrate each accomplishment using bullets: 

• Problems, Actions and Results (P.A.R.):  Ask yourself the following questions and write down the answers: What PROBLEM existed in your workplace? What ACTIONS did you take to solve the problem? What were the beneficial RESULTS of your actions?


• Context, Challenge, Actions and Results (C.C.A.R.):  What was the CONTEXT, why you did it? What CHALLENGES or problems you faced? What you did and why you did it? What ACTIONS, steps you took to solve it?  What was the RESULT and outcome? Quantify the results with numbers, and be specific about the qualitative results if any.