DFAS proudly supports the recruitment, hiring and retention of talented and qualified individuals with disabilities through the DFAS Careers for Americans with Disabilities (DCAD) program. Through the DCAD program, individuals with disabilities can explore different avenues to apply for DFAS jobs and receive reasonable accommodations in the application process.

DFAS is committed to providing equal employment opportunity to individuals with disabilities, and individuals with a psychiatric, intellectual or severe physical disability have two ways to apply for DFAS jobs.

Apply to a job announcementDCAD Your Ability At Work - To apply to DCAD, submit your resume to DCAD@dfas.mil
DFAS job opportunities are advertised on www.usajobs.gov, the U.S. government’s official website for federal jobs and employment information. There, you can review descriptions of duties, explanation of qualifications, application instructions and the deadline to apply. When you find a job of interest that suits your skill set, follow the application instructions carefully. Most job openings require a minimum of a resume and responses to an application questionnaire.

Apply through DCAD
Individuals whose disability has caused a barrier to employment may be considered for DFAS jobs outside of the typical hiring process by applying through the DCAD program, even if there is not a specific job opening in mind. This streamlined application process requires just a resume and documentation furnished by a licensed medical professional or vocational rehabilitation facility. To find out more about program and documentation requirements or to submit your application, please contact DCAD@dfas.mil.



Page updated June 6, 2013.