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As an Information & Technology (I & T) specialist at DFAS you have the opportunity to apply your I & T knowledge and skills in a dynamic environment. The rapid pace of change in the field of I & T results in evolving technologies requiring innovative solutions. Your knowledge of I & T systems, concepts and methods are needed to protect the integrity, security, availability of systems, networks and data essential to Department of Defense.

Help DFAS work smarter and more efficiently by contributing to projects and individual assignments developing and showcasing your abilities. You also have the opportunity to pursue an advanced degree and certifications.

Join DFAS and become a member of an exciting team of select individuals chosen to provide I & T solutions for finance and accounting systems relied upon by a wide range of customers - from our warfighters around the globe to the president of the United States.

   Information & Technology Career Development Roadmap 

Page Updated August 11, 2015