Financial Management

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DFAS financial managers are assigned tasks and projects designed in scope and complexity to develop skills in administering and delivering financial oversight and analysis to Department of Defense (DoD) decision makers. Tasks include:
  • develop budgets for submission to the Office of Management and Budget, Congress and the president of the United States
  • perform budget, trend and cash analysis as the basis for guidance and recommendations to agency leadership regarding budget preparation and execution
  • monitor systems and operations for effectiveness and compliance with DoD standards and public law
  • make recommendations for improvements and assert the validity of input and output data
  • provide customer service and guidance in finance systems and services to DoD military and civilian customers stationed around the world
Formal and on-the-job training is provided in case management. You will gain knowledge of federal financial management systems. Assignments are provided with clear definition of objectives and methodology. You also have the opportunity to pursue an advanced degree and the following certifications: Join DFAS and enter a world where your ability to provide timely and accurate analysis is relied upon by a wide range of customers - from our warfighters around the globe to the president of the United States.

   Financial Management Career Development Roadmap (PDF 76KB - 2/11/2008)

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