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DFAS auditors are leaders in both government and private industry through the use of advanced computer analysis techniques and data mining to detect and prevent fraudulent attacks against DFAS financial assets. Auditors identify and prevent erroneous payments and make suggestions for process improvements to mitigate identified internal control weaknesses.

As a member of this exciting team, you will conduct audits helping to ensure accuracy of Department of Defense (DoD) financial management systems. You will also conduct performance audits focusing on the economy and efficiency of DFAS organizations, programs, activities and functions. These efforts improve DFAS performance and contribute to improved financial management within DoD.
DFAS auditors take pride in providing management with timely and useful action plans to correct issues or deficiencies. Formal and on-the-job training are provided to gain proficiency of Government Accountability Office's Government Auditing Standards. You will learn how to apply those standards to DFAS audits and become proficient using computer aided auditing tools and automated work papers. Those skills maintain DFAS’ leadership using advanced decision support tools to gain business intelligence. You also have the opportunity to pursue an advanced degree and the following certifications:

Join DFAS and become a member of an exciting team of select individuals chosen to audit in an organization responsible for managing billions of dollars spent by the DoD annually. Enter a world where your efforts as a government auditor with DFAS will be relied upon by a wide range of important customers - from our warfighters around the globe to the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense, Comptroller. You will be assigned tasks and projects designed in scope and complexity to develop your skills in administering and delivering professional accounting knowledge, services and oversight to DoD decision makers.

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