DFAS Distinguished Civilian Service
The agency’s highest honorary award. Granted to civilian employees distinguishing themselves by exemplary service or contributions of the broadest scope to DFAS or Department of Defense (DoD) by the DFAS director.

DFAS Meritorious Civilian Service Award
The second highest DFAS honorary recognition for civilian employees. The DFAS director grants the award to civilian employees who have distinguished themselves by meritorious service or contributions of broad scope to DFAS or DoD.

DFAS Exemplary Career Service Award Is granted by the DFAS director and is most appropriately used at retirement to recognize civilian employees’ career service extending over a period of years and may include civilian and military service.

DFAS Award for Humanitarian Service
Is used to recognize individuals who distinguish themselves by direct participation in humanitarian operations directed toward an individual or a group.

Career Service Recognition
Is awarded to civilians applicable to their length of service beginning with five years of service and every five years until 50 years.

Letters of Recognition
Awarded to commend or express appreciation for noteworthy contributions not meeting the criteria for monetary or honorary awards.

Letters of Commendation
Recognize an employee for extraordinary work performance or an act or service clearly exceeding what is normally expected.

Letters of Appreciation
Awarded at any time to express appreciation to an employee for work performance, actions or service above what is normally expected.

DFAS Exceptional Accomplishment Award
A monetary form of recognition and is presented for exceptional accomplishments on a continuing assignment or project within a team’s or individual’s expected job responsibilities.

DFAS Special Act/Service Award
Granted for a contribution or accomplishment in the public interest either in or outside of job responsibilities, a scientific achievement or for the courageous handling of an emergency situation.

On-The-Spot Award
Small Special Act or Service Award given by a supervisor for great short-term or day-to-day accomplishments of employees.

Time Off Award
Alternative to a monetary or honorary award and may be granted for exceptional accomplishments, special acts, service or contributions.

Team/Group Awards
Recogniton of a team or group whose unified achievements set a high standard for innovation, creativity and/or professionalism with a significant impact on the accomplishment of the mission. Team/Group awards are honorary, non-monetary, cash or a combination.

Performance Award
Monetary award given in recognition of high-level performance. Organizational accomplishments, including the employee’s overall contributions to mission accomplishment, should be a major consideration when recommending/approving performance awards for individual employees.

Quality Step Increases
Consist of an additional within-grade increase only given to General Schedule (GS) employees. Employees with an exceptional annual rating of record for the current rating period are eligible to receive the Quality Step Increase.

Page updated April 1, 2011