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Note: The following is a partial listing of FY09 legislation containing statutory items impacting DoD financial management.

DFAS Related Issues:
General Provisions:


Military Personnel Policy:
  • Interest Payments on Certain Claims arising from correction of 592military records, Section 592
Compensation and Personnel Benefits:
  • Fiscal year 2009 increase in military basic pay, Section 601
  • Permanent Prohibition on charges for meals received at military treatment Facilities by members receiving continuous care, Section 602
  • Increase in maximum authority payment or reimbursement amount for temporary lodging expenses, Section 603
  • Availability of a second FSA for married couples w/dependents, Section 604
  • Extension authority for income replacement payments for reserve component Members experiencing extended/frequent mobilization for active duty service, Section 605
  • Extension of bonuses and special pay authorities for Reserve Forces, Section 611
  • Extension of bonuses and special pay for health care professionals, Section 612
  • Extension of bonuses and special pay for nuclear officers, Section 613 Section 614
  • Extension of bonuses relating to Title 37 bonuses/special pays,
  • Referral Bonuses, Section 615
  • Increase in maximum bonus and stipend-Nurse Officer Candidate Accession Program, Section 616
  • Maximum length of nuclear officer incentive pay agreements for service, Section 617
  • Technical changes consolidation of pays, incentive pays and bonus authorities, Section 618
  • New skill incentive pay and proficiency bonus to encourage training in critical Foreign languages and cultural studies, Section 619
  • Accession/Retention bonuses for recruitment/retention of certain officers in Health professions, Section 620
Retired Pay and Survivor Benefits:
  • Extends to survivors of certain members who die on active duty of SSI allowance For persons affected by required SBP annuity offset for DIC, Section 631
  • Correction of unintended reduction SBP annuities due to phased limitation of Two-tier annuity computation and supplemental annuity, Section 632
  • Continuation of entitlement to bonuses & similar benefits for members of Uniformed services who die, or are separated or retired for disability or meet other criteria, Section 651
  • Internal controls for procurements on behalf of DoD by certain non-defense Agencies, Section 804
  • Transfer of Sections 10 USC relating to Milestone A and B for clarity, Section 813
  • Revision to the Application of Cost Accounting Standards, Section 823
  • Development of Guidance on Personal Service Contracts, Section 831
  • Acquisition Workforce expedited hiring authority, Section 833
  • Ethics Safeguards relating to contractor conflicts of interest, Section 841
DoD Organization/Management:
  • Participation of Deputy Chief Management Officer - DBSMC, Section 904
  • General Counsel to be added to Inspector General Office DoD, Section 907
  • Business Transformation Initiatives for Military Departments, Section 908
General Provisions:
Civilian Personnel Policy:
  • Temporary authority to waive limitation on premium pay and aggregate limit on pay for federal employees working overseas, Section 1101
  • emporary Discretionary Authority to Grant allowances, benefits and Gratuities to personnel on official duty in a combat zone, Section 1102
  • Election of Insurance coverage for employees deployed in support of Contingency operations, Section 1103
  • Extension authority - lump sum severance payments, Section 1104
  • Extension Voluntary RIF authority of DoD, Section 1105
  • Technical Amendment: Definition of Professional Accounting Position, Section 1110
  • Modification of Annual BRAC reporting requirements, Section 2711
Wounded Warrior Matters:

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