Technicians & Call Center Representatives

DFAS employs individuals in a variety of technician level positions to perform transactional work in support of our accounting and financial management operations.  You can be part of the DFAS mission to lead the Department of Defense in finance and accounting by ensuring the delivery of efficient, exceptional quality pay and financial information.  This foundational work is critical to the DFAS mission and often prepares employees for movement to positions with increased responsibility within the agency.

The primary DFAS technician level occupations include:

525: Accounting Technician

In this series you will perform technical accounting work to include: maintaining and reconciling multiple accounts; interpreting data, determining root causes/sources of problems, and identifying trends and workable/corrective solutions; preparing reports and statements; analyzing accounting data; and preparing correspondence to respond to inquiries.

544: Civilian Pay Technician

You will perform work involving the determination of pay, the maintenance of payroll records, and the completion of related reports pertaining to civilian employees of the Federal Government.  You will examine personnel actions, pay changes, and employee requests and make appropriate changes to master records which serve as a basis for pay and leave computation and affect the disbursement of pay.

545: Military Pay Technician

In this position, you will examine and process substantiating documents to pay active, reserve or retired armed forces personnel and their annuitants. Typical duties include entering personnel actions, reviewing pay authorization documents, determining entitlements, and processing pay entitlement actions; responding to pay inquiries; reviewing military pay debts; processing adjustment actions; and reviewing military pay actions. You may handle problem cases or inquiries which involve auditing past pay records of both in-service and out-of-service members.

962: Contact Representative

As a Contact Representative, you will provide quality service and general information to active duty, reserve and former military personnel and their dependents as well as civilian employees. You will identify relevant financial regulations and policies to resolve customers’ problems and general inquiries. You will explain pay entitlements and legal provisions to customers to facilitate understanding of decisions and outcomes. Additionally, you will explain technical pay procedures, regulations, laws or rules to customers in lay terms to facilitate understanding of options and processes.

We are committed the development of our workforce to ensure our employees have the skills needed to be successful.  We provide formal and on-the-job training  where you will gain knowledge of federal accounting and finance policies and procedures. You will also have the opportunity to use tuition assistance to take college courses. Additionally, accounting, military and civilian pay technicians will take courses to earn the DoD Financial Management Certification.

Join DFAS and become a member of an exciting team of select individuals chosen to account for the billions of dollars spent by the DoD annually. Enter a world where your efforts as a technician are relied upon by a wide range of customers - from our warfighters around the globe to the President of the United States.

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DFAS provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetics. We are committed to cultivating a diverse, results-oriented, high-performing workforce and fostering a flexible, inclusive work environment to provide the highest level of service to our customers. We know that we are at our best when we draw on the talents of all parts of our society and that diverse perspectives are one of our greatest strengths.

Page updated November 13, 2018