Workplace Flexibilities

DFAS has established an environment that emphasizes a strong work/life balance.  We offer a variety of options to meet your personal needs.   

Flexible Work Schedules

DFAS has an Alternate Work Schedule (AWS) Program which allows eligible employees the flexibility to establish a work schedule that will allow them to achieve a balance between work, family or personal responsibilities.  We offer two options for employees to choose from as long as there is no impact to the mission of the organization (1) flexible work schedules (FWS) and (2) compressed work schedules (CWS). Employees must work with their supervisor when establishing an AWS.

Under the FWS you work with your supervisor to develop a work schedule in which you can vary your arrival and departure times as well as the number of hours worked each day or week.  This can help you meet your personal responsibilities while ensuring you are here during core hours and as needed by your organization.   

Under a CWS you work 8 nine-hour days and 1 eight-hour day and have one day off each pay period.  With this schedule you must arrive and depart at the same time every day as you don’t have the flexibility to adjust your arrival and departure time like you do under a FWS. 

Authorized time worked in excess of your approved schedule, generally eight hours per day or 80 hours every two weeks, is credited as compensatory time or overtime (or credit hours if you are working under a FWS.)


DFAS has embraced telework as a workplace flexibility.  Eligible employees may coordinate with their supervisor to telework at an alternative worksite on an ad-hoc basis or a regular and recurring schedule.