At DFAS, we are committed to encouraging and rewarding extraordinary contributions to our mission. We have developed compensation programs that recognize and reward employees for achievements.

Employees can receive regular salary increases for above average performance and can quickly earn substantially more than the starting salary. Salaries are based on a normal 40-hour work week. Approved overtime work for eligible employees is compensated at one and a half times the rate of basic pay. Additionally, extraordinary employee contributions are rewarded through awards programs.

The General Schedule (GS) System

The General Schedule (GS) system is a pay system used to set rates for employees working in positions classified in the administrative, clerical, professional and technical occupational categories. The GS system has 15 grade levels and each grade level has a salary range of 10 steps. Employees can advance to a higher step within the grade when time and performance requirements are met.

In addition, federal government pay is locality based. There are 31 metropolitan locality pay areas and a "rest of the U.S." locality for everywhere else within the contiguous 48 states. Individuals working at overseas locations do not receive locality pay, but can receive other allowances. The OPM Pay Table exhibits each location's salary scale.

Total Compensation

Combined with health insurance, leave, retirement benefits, and education reimbursement, an employee's Total Compensation Package can total up to 30% or more of their annual salary.  See our Total Compensation Calculator to estimate your Total Compensation Package with DFAS.