DFAS Career Acclimation Program (DCAP)

The DFAS Career Acclimation Program (DCAP) is a 2-year program for employees entering developmental, professional and administrative positions typically targeted to a GS-09 or GS-11 level.

Goals for the participants include focusing on learning the job and gaining exposure to its related processes and functions and enhancing technical skills resulting in agency and organizational awareness. Participants gain experience through job exposures and develop skills through formal training (e.g., classroom, web-based training and distance learning).  They gain invaluable experience, broaden their understanding of end-to-end processes and develop a network through process improvement projects and meeting regularly with a mentor.  Professional relationships are further developed through social functions, community service activities, and additional networking opportunities.

While in the Program, participants enjoy permanent, full-time employment, competitive salaries, benefits, and career advancement opportunities. 

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