Self ID - Disability - Ethnicity - Race

DFAS values and benefits from a diverse workforce. A diverse workforce provides a myriad of ideas of how we can best serve our customer. For this reason, you have been given two self- identification forms to complete.

To ensure that DFAS continues to attract and retain a highly skilled, diverse workforce, we need to collect data on the employees that make up that workforce. Some individuals in the past have been reluctant to complete the self-identification forms because of a fear that the information that they provide might be misused. DFAS takes its responsibility to safeguard this information seriously. Additionally, federal law prohibits the use of the information provided to make decisions that affect the terms or conditions of an individual’s employment. We are asking that you complete both self-identification forms accurately. The forms that you complete will be shredded once the data has been collected. The information that you provide will be used to generate statistical data that will assist DFAS management in providing the best support possible for the U.S. warfighters.

Please click the links below to access and complete these forms.