DFAS Europe Site Sheet

DFAS Europe Site Building

DFAS Europe is responsible for providing exemplary customer service and finance and accounting support for Department of Defense (DoD) activities, DFAS Field Sites and the European vendors. As the DFAS representative in the European theatre DFAS Europe provides "store-front" operational and administrative support to DFAS partners located in the continental United States: DFAS Columbus, Indianapolis, Limestone, Rome and Texarkana. DFAS Europe manages business operations to meet changing or emergency program or production requirements for the Air Force, Army and joint commands operating in Europe and also for the Defense Agencies within the European theatre.



DFAS Europe is located in building 3200 on Kleber Kaserne, Kaiserslautern, Germany. Kleber Kaserne has two vehicle access gates. Gate Three is located on the west side of the Kaserne adjacent to Stiftswaldstrass 60. Gate Four is located on the east side of Kaserne at the intersection of Salingstrass and Daennerstrasse.