Fingerprinting Information

Processing and procedures identified below are specific to DFAS Applicants only. If you are not a DFAS applicant, please check with your owning/prospective Human Resources or Security Office for guidance on their suitability and security review process.

Guidance for providing fingerprints

For convenience, we highly recommend fingerprinting at a DFAS site.  Contact information for each DFAS site is provided in the table below.

If using a DFAS site is not feasible, complete an internet search to locate fingerprinting sites/agencies near you. Your first choice should be a federal or state government agency, local law enforcement agency, or a Veterans Affairs (VA) facility (such as a VA Hospital) that will provide "courtesy fingerprints."

  • There is no cost to be fingerprinted at a DFAS site. Some law enforcement agencies may charge you a fee to take your fingerprints. This fee is not reimbursable.
  • Do not pay a third party agency to run a FBI/Criminal History report for you. We cannot use a third party report and you will incur unnecessary costs.

You are responsible for contacting the agency you choose to determine whether they can take your fingerprints using the SF-87 fingerprint card, the FD-258 fingerprint card or transmit fingerprints electronically.

  • If the answer is “Yes,” you may use this location to have your fingerprints taken.
  • If the answer is “No,” you must find another location.

If your fingerprints are taken and transmitted electronically, the location may need the following codes:

  • SON: DD26
  • SOI: DD26
  • OPAC: 00006551

In all cases, you must bring valid identification (unexpired state ID and/or unexpired photo ID). Check with the fingerprinting agency for identification requirements.

If the agency you choose requires that you provide your own fingerprint card (SF87), you may request a fingerprint card from the DFAS Personnel Security Office.

DFAS Locations & Contact Information

DFAS Site Primary Contact Appointments Hours Address/Notes
Cleveland, OH (216) 522-5555
Leave message requesting "fingerprints"
Non-fingerprinting requests must make appointments online
except Thursdays
Anthony J. Celebrezze Federal Office Building
1240 East 9th St
Cleveland OH 44199-2055
26th Floor, Room 2671
Columbus, OH
Email name and
phone number
3990 East Broad St
Columbus, OH 43213

Building 21

NOTE: DFAS Columbus is located at the Defense Supply Center Columbus (Installation Entrance is 401 North Yearling Road). DFAS Columbus performs fingerprinting electronically via LiveScan. LiveScan fingerprints are sent directly to the Department of Defense and will not provide a hard-copy fingerprint card.
Alternate Contact
Phone: (614) 701-5092/5103/3778/5098

Indianapolis, IN (317) 212-4430 APPOINTMENT REQUIRED Monday-Friday,
8899 E. 56th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46249

ID Card Office, south entrance
Limestone, ME (207) 328-1116 or
(207) 328-1115
27 Arkansas Rd
Limestone ME 04751-6216
Rome, NY (315) 709-6689 or (315) 709-6177 APPOINTMENT REQUIRED Monday-Friday,

325 Brooks Rd
Rome NY 13441-4527

DEERS/RAPIDS: (315) 709-5296

Identification Requirements

PRIMARY: A government-issued photo I.D. card such as a state-issued driver’s license or non-driver identification card, U.S. Government military or civilian Common Access Card (CAC), or any other photo identification card issued by any municipal, state or federal agency.

SECONDARY: The second form of identification must be a Social Security card or any government document that has the subject’s name and SSN on it.  Some examples would be any tax form issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or an employer (any IRS form such as a W-2, W-4, 1040 tax return, etc.); a tax bill issued by a government agency; any form from a school, college or university that displays the subject’s name and SSN; or a financial document such as a loan document issued by a bank. This list is not all-inclusive. A Social Security card is always preferred, but the other documents listed can suffice in the event the subject does not have their Social Security card.

FBI Disclosures

FBI Privacy Act Statement

Process for obtaining a change, correction, or update of an FBI criminal history record are set forth at 28 CFR 16.34.

Current as of Nov. 1, 2023

Mail completed Fingerprint Cards to: DFAS-IN Human Resources, Personnel Security Office (ZHSG, 320T), 8899 56th St, Indianapolis IN 46249-0301
Email your questions hereDFAS Personnel Security Team 317-212-7888
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