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New, Simpler Process for Retirees Eligible to Withdraw from SBP Due to Qualifying VA Disability

Early in April, we are implementing a new, simpler process for withdrawing from Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) coverage due to a qualifying VA disability. With this new process, the withdrawal form and required fact sheet will be available to download in a PDF packet from the Forms page on our website instead of contacting DFAS to request the form. Also, retirees will no longer need to obtain separate VA eligibility information. We worked with VA to obtain the information electronically on the retiree’s behalf.

With the new process, eligible retirees can download the PDF withdrawal packet, read the fact sheet, fill out the form and send it to DFAS. We will then verify eligibility and process the withdrawal, if qualified. It’s simpler and faster.

We also have a new webpage with information about the new withdrawal process and additional information about factors to consider in withdrawing from SBP coverage here.