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Now Available on a Screen Near You: a Simpler, Streamlined, Mobile-Friendly myPay

The fastest and most secure way for military retirees or annuitants to manage their pay accounts is now even more convenient. On May 4, DFAS refreshed myPay, making it simpler and more streamlined to use. Plus, myPay is now more mobile-friendly, and easier to use on a favorite mobile device.

When you use myPay now, you will see some big differences. The most striking difference is the appearance of the myPay home page, which now looks more like other online financial sites. The login area is now on the right side instead of the left, there is a banner area with important information in the middle, and there are quick links at the top.

When you log in to your myPay account, you will also see a streamlined navigation menu that appears on the left side of every page. The same menu choices for getting pay and tax statements, and making pay changes are available; the menu is now organized into two categories: statements and pay changes. 

The menu options for updating your email address, and changing your Login ID and password are now under “Personal Settings” in the menu bar at the top of the page.

Another change is that myPay is now easier to use on your favorite mobile device. When you use myPay on your mobile browser, the menus and screens will adjust to the screen size. The familiar three-bar menu icon gives you options to click to specific areas of the site.

What has not changed is your login ID and password; those transferred over. The same login ID and password you used before the transformation, you can use after (as long as your password did not expire). And the “Forgot your Login ID?” and “Forgot or Need a Password?” options are still available, located under the new login box on the top right. 

When you see a myPay homepage that looks different after the changeover, you can ensure you are on the official myPay site by checking your browser’s address bar for the correct myPay URL:

          We also updated the video how-to’s and the Frequently Asked Questions to help users accomplish a variety of common online tasks, such as accessing a myPay account for the first time, password updates, and bank account and address changes.

          The tutorial videos are available at They include:

  • How to set up your myPay account
  • How to reset your password
  • How to request a Login ID
  • How to change your bank account
  • How to turn on or off hard copy statements
  • How to change your email address
  • How to update your mailing address

myPay provides convenient access to a range of information about payments, and lets retirees and annuitants easily update their contact information or tax withholding and download tax documents. Annuitants can also submit their annual certification. And when you have an email address in myPay, you can receive important email messages from DFAS about your pay account and information from your branch of service.

If you’re not using myPay to manage your military retired or annuitant pay account, now is the time! It’s easy to get started. Simply go to the myPay homepage at and click on the “Forgot or Need a Password” link. Enter your Social Security Number and check the box affirming you are the account owner, then choose “mail to my address of record with Military Retired” and click the “Send me a Password” button. Your temporary password will be mailed to your address on record with Retired and Annuitant Pay. You should receive it in about 10 business days.

Once you receive your password in the mail, you can return to the myPay homepage and login with your social security number and the password you received in the mail to create your myPay profile. Just follow the steps below:

1-Go to the New User Module and click the “Start here” link.

2-Enter your Social Security Number and your temporary password and click the “Submit” button. You will be prompted to create a Login ID and a permanent password.

3-Follow the on-screen instructions for creating your Login ID and Password, then select “Create Account” when finished.

We also have step-by-step instructions in a downloadable PDF for getting started with myPay.

myPay is available using the internet from your computer or your mobile device browser at:

Page last updated on June 20, 2019