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R&A is Expanding Communication through Email

Communication between DFAS and retirees is key to ensuring timely and accurate payments. DFAS is expanding the use of email as a way to communicate about changes to your account and actions that may be needed. 

DFAS will be sending emailed SmartDocs to members with an email in myPay who have Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) coverage to remind them about actions they may need to take to keep their SBP account current.

Also, DFAS is testing a new process to send emailed SmartDoc notifications to retirees with an email address in myPay in place of letters that are otherwise mailed (retirees without email addresses will still receive postal letters).

If you don’t have an email registered in myPay, do it now so you’ll receive these email messages.

Email notifications will speed up the time it takes to notify members about their accounts and remind members to notify DFAS when life changes take place.

Page last edited on December 12, 2018