News from Our Partners: Air Force Retirees Again Bolster Air Force Assistance Fund

Since Gen Hap Arnold chartered the Air Force Aid Society in 1942, Airmen have been taking care of Airmen.  As retirees, you have continued to be there for your fellow Airmen for 20, 30, and some for as many as 60 years.  You had pledged part of your paychecks while on active duty.  In retirement, you’ve pledged part of your retired pay and sent in checks to the Air Force Assistance Fund Central Accounting Office at the Air Force Personnel Center.  And now, many retirees give one-time gifts and monthly gifts via our new e-Giving platform. 

The four official charities of the Department of the Air Force care for Airmen and Guardians across the Air Force family spectrum…active, guard, reserve, retired, and surviving spouses of retirees.  All have been impacted by the coronavirus health crisis and today’s economic uncertainties.  If you are, or know of a fellow Airman, Space Professional, or a family member in need, you can rely on the assistance given by the four official and affiliate charities of the Department of the Air Force.  Visit to see how they can help, and how you can get in contact with them for yourself, a loved one, or a friend.

The men and women serving in the four official and affiliate charities of the Air Force thank you, our Air Force Retiree family, for your generous support during the 2021 AFAF Campaign.  The continuance of safety measures regarding face-to-face contact again forced many base campaigns to suspend desk-to-desk solicitations.  Last year, the impact to the campaign was devastating.  While we’ve been seeing precipitous drops in donations since the 2012 record of $7.8 million to the point of it dropping to $3.3 million in 2019, 2020 was the greatest one-year drop by percentage comparison in the past nine years.  The base campaigns were only able to raise $1.5 million, achieving only 31.7% of the overall goal.  But retirees gave nearly $58,000 and AAFES raised over $577,000 bringing the 2020 total to over $2.13 million.  This year, as normalization of life waxes and the initial shock of the pandemic wanes, base campaigns were able to raise $2.0 (43.5% of the overall goal). AAFES has already raised over $457,000, and you, our faithful retirees have donated over $65,600 – a 114% increase over last yearThank you again!

The long-standing principle of Airmen taking care of our own” has been made a reality by you, and you’re still leading today’s Airmen by example!

If you have not had the chance to give this year and wish to, giving is easier than ever:

  • Donate via Text-to-Give by texting AFAF to 50155; or
  • Donate online at (click the donate button).  There, you can use the e-Giving platform on the left side of the page (credit/debit card or e-check); or
  • You can download and print the donation form linked to the right side of the page.  By mailing in the donation form, you can choose to give by allotment from your retired pay, or by sending a check or money order of any amount to:

*Please don’t send cash in the mail.

 Again, on behalf of the four charities, and on behalf of the thousands of Fellow Airmen, Guardians and families you’ve impacted – thank you!


Page updated June 16, 2021