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News from Our Partners: Armed Forces Retirement Home now offering residency opportunities for married couples


The Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH), with locations in Gulfport, Miss. and Washington, D.C., is now welcoming new categories of married couples to apply for residency.

Veterans who are married to each other and meet eligibility requirements in their own right continue to be welcome to live at AFRH.

Now, married veterans who served twenty or more years on active duty, and whose spouse does not meet AFRH’s eligibility requirements, may have their spouse join them in living at AFRH.

Spouses who don’t meet AFRH’s veteran eligibility requirements are those who have less than a 50% service-connected disability or who did not serve in a theater of war during a time of war declared by Congress, and those who did not serve in the military.

To be considered, this category of spouses must have been married to the veteran at the time of the veteran’s retirement from the service. Widows/widowers of deceased veterans are not eligible for consideration.

The Home has immediate availability at our Gulfport, Miss. location, featuring rooms with 480 square-feet of living space for married couples, including a dinette, private bathroom/shower and closet.

The Home also has immediate availability for married couples at our Washington, DC location, featuring 560 square-feet of living space in adjoining rooms. In Washington, DC, the adjoining rooms each have a private shower/bath and a walk-in closet.

Monthly fees at both locations include three daily meals, a host of services and amenities, and wellness programs – including recreation activities and a variety of trips.

Further details about eligibility requirements and fees for spouses may be reviewed on the AFRH Couples Information Sheet on our website.

Discounts for married couples at both locations are available! Please call an admissions counselor at 800.422.9988 Ext. 1.

AFRH is the nation’s only federally supported retirement community for eligible veterans. All new residents are accepted only at the independent living level of care. For those accepted at that level, the Home offers higher levels of care when needed, including assisted living, long-term care and memory support.

For further information or to schedule a tour, please call an admissions counselor at 800.422.9988 Ext. 1, or email us at

Page last updated on Dec 18, 2019