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Army Emergency Relief is There for Those Who Served

Did you know that Army Emergency Relief (AER) serves retired soldiers, as well as those on active duty?

There are many categories of assistance available to soldiers on active duty that are also available to retired soldiers and their eligible family members.

Army Emergency Relief (AER) often hears stories from soldiers about how the AER came to their rescue early on in their careers. For example, a significant percentage of soldiers between the ranks of PVT and SPC visit predatory lenders. To better meet their needs, AER authorized more categories of assistance. They implemented Command Programs that allow Company Commanders and First Sergeants to directly approve funds, and even changed the rules to allow soldiers to go directly to AER. 

          In the past seventy-six years as a non-profit organization, AER has learned a lot about helping soldiers. They realize the cost of an HVAC replacement can equal the cost of a major car repair. They know when a house unexpectedly floods, expenses can exceed expendable income.

          AER is there for soldiers, active or retired, in the midst of a financial need or crisis. And they continue to be there because of the generous donations from you and others like you who know the money goes directly to helping other soldiers.

As this year's campaign gets ready to kick off, AER is asking you to remember the challenges you faced as a young soldier...and know that AER realizes some of those challenges haven't changed.

Visit or call 866-878-6378 to find out how you can help.