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For DFAS Employees Evacuated/Affected by Hurricane Irma

The following guidance is provided for DFAS employees ordered to evacuate:


  • Follow the mandatory evacuation orders of the host installation commander and civil authorities.
  • It is critical to stay in touch with your supervisor so we can account for you, confirm you are safe, and pass information to you.

 During the Evacuation: 

  • Notify your supervisor once you’ve reached your final destination.
  • You will be in a paid travel status and on paid administrative leave.
  • You are entitled to use your government travel card to pay for official travel expenses which include mileage/transportation, lodging, and per diem.
  • If you don't have a government card, you may use your personal credit card or cash.  Keep your receipts for lodging and other authorized expenses over $75.  These receipts must reflect your name.

After the Evacuation:

  • DFAS will issue DD Form 1610 upon return to your duty station.
  • Submit your travel voucher within five business days.

If you have questions during any stage, contact your supervisor or chain of command.  Be safe!