Special Leave Accrual - Reserve Guard Example 3: Reservist takes leave, balance at end of fiscal year below established maximum.

On 30 Sept. 2021, you have 68.5 days of leave, which becomes your carry-over maximum. You accrued 20 days but you also took 25 days of leave in May 2022. On 1 June 2022, your LES shows a current balance (CR BAL) of 63.5 days, which was the minimum leave balance achieved throughout FY22. Your carry-over maximum SLA balance is now 63.5 days heading into FY23, this is because the amount will be reduced to a new level whenever the leave balance drops below the previously set level.
  • Your June 1, 2022 LES will reflect a current balance (CR BAL) of 63.5 days.
    • 3.5 days is your new SLA protected leave. The remark will read ““PROTECTED SPECIAL LEAVE ACCRUAL BALANCE = 03.5 EXPIRES 30 SEP 2024”
  • Your June 1, 2022 LES will reflect a Use/Lose balance of 10.0 days. Below is how you should interpret your Use/Lose leave balance.
    • 10 days you will earn through the rest of the fiscal year and is set to expire September 30, 2022, because the maximum you are allowed to carry into FY23 is 63.5 days.