Special Leave Accrual - Reserve/Guard Example 2:  Reservist takes leave but SLA balance remains unchanged.

On 30 Sept. 2021, you have 90 days of leave, which becomes your SLA carry-over maximum. You accrued 30 days of leave but you also took 30 days of leave in FY22.  If your current balance never dropped below 90 days throughout the year, than your balance carried forward into FY23 will still be 90.0 days.
  • Your September 2022 LES will reflect a current balance (CR BAL) of 90 days.
    • 30 days is your SLA protected leave. The remark will read “PROTECTED SPECIAL LEAVE ACCRUAL BALANCE = 30.0 EXPIRES 30 SEP 2024”
  • Your September 22, 2022 LES will reflect a Use/Lose balance of 0.0 days. Below is how you should interpret your Use/Lose leave balance.
    • Since you took all of your earned leave in FY22, there is no use/lose leave that needs to be taken.