Special Leave Accrual - Reserve/Guard Example 1:  Reservist carries forward SLA into FY22 but does not earn or take leave in FY22. 

On 30 Sept. 2021, you have 69.5 days of leave, which becomes your SLA carry-over maximum. You do not take leave in FY22 and you have not earned any leave in FY22 due to being in a non-active duty status. On 30 Sept 2022, your LES shows a current balance (CR BAL) of 69.5 days.
  • Your September 2022 LES will reflect a current balance (CR BAL) of 69.5 days.
    • 9.5 days is your SLA protected leave. The remark will read “PROTECTED SPECIAL LEAVE ACCRUAL BALANCE = 09.5 EXPIRES 30 SEP 2024”
  • Your September 22, 2022 LES will reflect a Use/Lose balance of 0.0 days. Below is how you should interpret your Use/Lose leave balance.
    • Since you did not earn leave in FY22, you do not have any earned leave that must be taken.