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TDY Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1 Why was I only partially paid?

    Claims are partially paid when incomplete documentation is submitted.  If all the necessary documentation is not present at the time of processing, then the claim cannot be fully paid.  Therefore, using all the available documentation provided, the claim is partially paid.  Upon payment, an explanation is annotated on the advice of payment (AOP) to inform the traveler why the full entitlement was not paid.  Resubmit the claim with the missing documentation and/or addressing the explanation that was noted on the AOP and the reminder of the claim will be paid.

    Partial payments can be avoided by ensuring that all required documentation is submitted and all necessary individuals have signed in the designated places.  When submitting a TDY claim for payment include the following: DD Form 1351-2; all orders; receipts for lodging, rental cars, and miscellaneous expenses of $75.00 or more; and flight itineraries, if applicable.  

    Review the following checklists for assistance:
    Traveler Checklist for TDY
    Reviewer Checklist for TDY
    Approving Official Checklist for TDY

  • 2 What happens if I submit my voucher more than once?

    It is recommended that you only submit your claim once.  Multiple submissions of the same voucher has the ability to negatively impact the traveler.  If a claim is submitted multiple times, the potential for duplicate payments increases resulting in the traveler being placed in a debt status. 

    After submitting a claim, allow 24 hours for the claim to be logged into the travel system.  Within the first 24 hours, the traveler should receive a notification that their claim has been received.  If this notification is not received, then resubmit the claim.

  • 3 Can I scan each document of my claim separately and submit a separate email for each attachment?

    Scanning each document of a claim separately and submitting separate emails for each attachment is HIGHLY DISCOURAGED. Currently, email attachments are systematically printed in the order in which they are received. There is no guarantee that all separate emails will be received and printed in consecutive order before another customer's email is received.  Ultimately, by not scanning the entire claim as one attachment, it could result in a partially paid or rejected claim. 


    *There is a 5MB size limit on the email server, so if the file is larger than this please utilize our fax lines.

  • 4 Can the claim be changed/altered by the Customer Service Representative (CSR) if I give my permission?

    No.  The claim cannot legally be changed for any reason by a CSR. The DD Form 1351-2 is a legally signed document and no one has the authority to change it but the individual that filled it out.
  • 5 Can the Customer Service Representative (CSR) correct my bank information?

    No.  Military members should log onto myPay and update their bank information in order to ensure funds are deposited properly. Any banking updates made via myPay may take up to 48-72 hours to take affect, so please allow time for this information to update before submitting your claim for payment.

    For travelers other than military members, please submit a voided check and/or a SF1199 with your travel claim.  Upon receiving the claim, the bank information will be updated by Travel Pay personnel.

  • 6 Why do I need to include the annex to my Reserve group order when the order states what is authorized?

    The annex is a required part of the travel order, because it determines the entitlements payable for reserve soldiers.
  • 7 Why was my lodging not paid even though I submitted a receipt?

    Receipts are required for lodging and rental car expenses regardless of amount and for miscellaneous expenses of $75.00 or more.  The receipt must show when specific services were rendered or articles purchased and the unit price.  Express checkout receipts from hotels do not show that all items charged were paid in full.  Without proof of payment, the document is simply a bill.  A copy of your credit card statement showing the balance was paid will suffice as proof of payment, so long as it is attached with the itemized receipt that shows what was charged.
  • 8 What is the purpose of a reviewer’s signature on the DD Form 1351-2 and is it required?

    A reviewer must sign block 21a of the DD Form 1351-2 and date 21b.  The reviewer should have knowledge of the travel performed and by signing the claim, they are performing a cursory review of the claim for completeness and accuracy.  A reviewer signature and date is also required in accordance with the Prompt Pay Act, which determines when and if late interest payments are due the traveler.
  • 9 What is an accrual/partial payment?

    An accrual is a partial payment of TDY expenses incurred when on long-term TDY.
  • 10 When should an accrual be requested?

    An accrual should be requested after 30 days of TDY have elapsed. Each accrual request should indicate the 30 day period being requested. A final settlement is required upon completion of travel and any travel advances received will be collected.
  • 11 How do I get an advance?

    Orders must state that you are a non-charge card-holder or travel circumstances prohibit the use of a charge card.

    *Advances are limited to 80% of lodging, meals and incidentals, and 100% miscellaneous expenses (i.e., rental car).
  • 12 When should I request an advance?

    An advance can be requested anytime prior to travel but will not be processed until 10 days prior to departure. Government sponsored charge cardholders are not entitled to advances except in rare instances.
  • 13 What is the difference between CBA and IBA?

    A CBA is when a traveler makes their airfare reservations through a contract travel office (CTO), but they do not have to personally purchase that ticket.  The CTO charges the airfare costs to a CBA & submits a claim for reimbursement to Commercial Pay for direct reimbursement. 

    An IBA is when a traveler makes their airfare reservations through a CTO and they had their government issued VISA credit card charged for the amount of the ticket.  The traveler now has an out-of-pocket expense that they can claim on their travel voucher.

  • 14 What if my orders do not authorize me to purchase my own airfare?

    If your orders do not specifically state that you are authorized to procure your own airfare using your credit card, then you will be required to obtain an amended travel order before reimbursement can be made. 
  • 15 How do I prepare a supplemental claim?

    If your orders do not specifically state that you are authorized to procure your own airfare using your credit card, then you will be required to obtain an amended travel order before reimbursement can be made.  A supplemental claim must consist of:
    1. A DD 1351-2 marked 'SUPPLEMENTAL' with an explanation of the items that are in error.
    2. A copy of the previous payment voucher
    3. A copy of the original DD 1351-2 and continuation sheets; the orders and any amendments; and all previously submitted supporting documentation.