TDY Forms

Use the SmartVoucher interactive application to fill out your travel voucher, DD Form 1351-2.  This makes it easy for Army active, Reserve and mobilized National Guard members to complete their voucher error-free!  However, do not use if your voucher is processed in the Defense Travel System (DTS).

  • When emailing your travel claim to DFAS, please send from your military/government email account.  Recent DoD security requirements block PDF files when sent from personal email accounts.
  • If you cannot send from your military/government account, then print your entire travel claim and scan to create new PDFs which can then be sent from your personal email account.
  • DFAS is working to ensure DoD/Government internet sites revise their blank fillable forms to meet these new security requirements.  Until then, we apologize for any inconvenience. Travel Vouchers created in SmartVoucher can be sent from either military or personal email accounts.

    DD 1351-2 Travel Voucher DD1351-2
    DD 1351-2C Travel Voucher Continuation DD 1351-2C
    DD 1351-3 Statement of Actual Expenses DD 1351-3
    DD 1610

    Request and Authorization for TDY Travel of DoD Personnel

    DD 2278 Application for DITY Move and Counseling Checklist  
    SF 1164 Claim for Reimbursement of Expenditures on Official Businesss  SF 1164
    DFAS Form 9114  PCS and TDY En Route Travel Advance Request  
    DFAS Form 9213 TDY Travel Advance Request Form  
    DD Form 2912 Temporary Quarters AOP Subsistence Expense Claims  
    SF1199A Direct Deposit Form  
    Separation Sheet Blank page for insertion between separate TDY vouchers to ensure that the documents for each claim remain together  

Page updated November 8, 2012