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Active Duty/Defense Agency Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1 What is an accrual/partial payment?

    An accrual is a partial payment of TDY expenses incurred when on long-term TDY.
  • 2 What documents are required?

    A signed and dated DD Form 1351-2 by both claimant and reviewer is required. The form should be marked "ACCRUAL" and all orders, lodging receipts, and any items of expense $75 or more are required.
  • 3 How should the accrual travel voucher be completed?

    Blocks 1-9 and 11 will be completed with the required information.  Block 15 (Itinerary) should begin with the 1st TDY day the 30th TDY day.  Block 18 must reflect the reimbursable expenses (lodging, rental car, etc.) for the 30 day period being claimed.  If a statement-of-nonavailability has been issued by a billeting office for use of commercial meals and/or lodging, it should also be annotated in block 18.  Read more information on completing the DD 1351-2.
  • 4 Where do I send my accrual travel voucher?

    Fax or email to the following office:

    Claims (Active Duty/Defense Agency Accrual/Partial Payments)
    Fax:  317-275-0329
    DSN: 510-366-0329
    Email: dro-armytravel@dfas.mil

  • 5 Am I eligible for a travel advance?

    Your travel orders must state that you are a non-government charge card holder or travel circumstances prohibit the use of a charge card.
  • 6 How do I request a travel advance?

    Fax or email a copy of your Travel Orders and a TDY Travel Advance Request Form to:

    Claims (Advances Only)
    Fax:  317-275-0330
    DSN: 510-366-0330
    Email: dro-traveladvance@dfas.mil
  • 7 When can I request a travel advance?

    Travel Advances can be requested at any time prior to the beginning of the travel period, but will not be processed until 10 days prior to departure.
  • 8 How much money can I request with a travel advance?

    Advances are limited to 80% of lodging and meals, and 100% of budgeted Reimbursable Expenses (rental car, conference fees, etc.).
  • 9 What’s the difference between centrally-billed account (CBA) and individually-billed account (IBA)?

    A CBA is a type of account where the traveler is not responsible for personally purchasing their airline tickets.  A traveler will make their flight reservations through a contact travel office (CTO) and the CTO charges the airfare costs to a CBA and then submits the claim for direct reimbursement to Commercial Pay. An IBA is when a traveler makes their airfare reservations through a CTO and their government charge-card was charged for the amount of the ticket.  The traveler now has an out-of-pocket expense that they can claim on their travel voucher. All travel orders must state whether transportation tickets are to be purchased using a CBA or IBA.
  • 10 What if my orders do not authorize me to purchase my own airfare?

    If your orders do not specifically state that you are authorized to procure your own airfare using your government charge-card (IBA authorized), then you will be required to obtain an amended travel order before reimbursement for the cost of the airfare can be made. In order to resolve potential reimbursement issues, always ensure that your travel orders state “IBA Authorized” when paying for airfare related to a TDY with your government charge-card.
  • 11 What if my voucher is incomplete or incorrect?

    We have a dedicated team who will coordinate directly with you to obtain the information needed to process your voucher so we can send your reimbursement to you as quickly as possible. You will be contacted via email or phone and let you know what information or documentation is missing or needs to be corrected. You will also get complete instructions on where to send the required information and documents.
  • 12 How long do I have to correct an incomplete/incorrect voucher?

    You will have 3 business days to provide the missing information to us before your voucher is returned to you.  Corrected information can be sent to the email or fax number below. If you send us the corrected or missing information within 3 business days, your voucher will be processed for payment.

    If you missed the deadline, you may still submit your corrected travel voucher to us via the same method you used for your original voucher submission.

    DFAS Rome:
    Fax: (317) 275-0329
    Fax DSN: 510-366-0329
    Email: DRO-ArmyTravel@dfas.mil

  • 13 I missed the deadline to correct/complete my voucher?

    Submit supplemental travel voucher to DFAS Rome Travel Pay Office via the same method that you used for your original voucher submission.  
  • 14 How do I correct a travel voucher that was returned to me?

    If your voucher was not paid in whole due to an error or omission, you can submit a supplemental travel voucher. The following information must be included:
    1. A DD 1351-2 marked ‘SUPPLEMENTAL’ with a full explanation of the item(s) that are in error.
    2. A copy of the original payment voucher.
    3. A copy of the initial DD 1351-2 and continuation sheets (if any).
    4. A copy of the travel orders and any amendments.
    5. A copy of all supporting documentation applicable to the supplemental claim.

  • 15 Where do I submit a supplemental travel voucher?

    Send to DFAS Rome Travel Pay Services via fax, email, or mail.  If you believe that you may have been paid in error, please contact our customer service representatives.

    Active Duty/Defense Agency TDY
    Customer Service:  1-888-332-7366/DSN  699-0300, select option 1
    Submit Inquiry: http://go.usa.gov/9Sx

    Claims:  317-275-0329/DSN 510-366-0329
    Email: dro-armytravel@dfas.mil