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Updating Your Password on myPay

Choosing to use the on-screen keyboard can make it easier to create your new password. The on-screen keyboard presents the only characters that can be used in creating a password. It also displays for you which letter case you are using and you can change from upper to lower case easily by selecting the green button.

Click here to see the screen shot of the myPay password screen and the on-screen keyboard.
Some members provide authorization for a trusted family member, friend or associate to access their pay information without the ability to make changes. Individuals who have been given such limited access rights are called “Limited Access Users.” 
Limited Access Users will be required to change their password every 60 days also. The same rules apply to the limited access password as to a member’s primary access password. Like everyone else, Limited Access Users will be prompted by screen displays when the password change is necessary.
Check out the myPay Spring Release mini site to learn more. http://www.dfas.mil/mypayinfo.html

Page updated June 24, 2013