Tips When Making Bank Acct Change

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Tips to Use When Making a Bank Account Change

Follow the steps below to avoid missing or incorrect payments! If you’ve switched your bank account, we need to have your pay deposited to your new account and you can make the change online or by mail.

Either way, please use these two tips to avoid disruptions in your pay:
  1. Only close your old bank account AFTER you have received one monthly payment to your NEW account.
  2. Please allow 30 to 45 days for your change to be processed and your retired pay account to be updated with your new banking information.
The quickest and easiest way to change your direct deposit bank account is through myPay because it isthe official online account management system for military members and retirees. Login at and click “Direct Deposit” on the Main Menu.

If you can’t use myPay, complete a FMS 2231, direct deposit enrollment form, and send it to:
Defense Finance & Accounting Service   
US Military Annuity Pay
P.O Box 7130
London, KY 40742-7130
Fax: 800-469-6559
Defense Finance & Accounting Service
US Military Annuity Pay
P.O Box 7131
London, KY 40742-7131
Fax: 800-982-8459

Page updated December 28, 2015