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myPay Update: More Security, More Features

The key to effective day-to-day management of your retirement pay is creating and maintaining a myPay account. myPay is your most important tool for managing your pay. The email address you enter into myPay will also become our primary way of staying in touch with you and keeping you current. For retirees and annuitants, there is nothing more important than creating, using and maintaining the security of your myPay account.
On May 11, myPay updated many of its features. The release both greatly enhanced the overall security of the system and made more self-serve options available to retired members. You are now able to access a wider range of historical information, designate and manage your AOP beneficiaries, and stop or change non-EFT allotments directly on myPay.
However, this update will offer us all some challenges. As part of the effort to enhance security levels and meet DoD cyber security rules, requirements for a valid password became more demanding. You will have to create longer passwords that use a wider variety of characters and change your passwords more frequently.
Updated June 24, 2013