Change in Tricare

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Change in TRICARE Prime Fee Payments

  • Retirees who pay TRICARE Prime enrollment fees through a retired pay allotment may notice a slight change in their October net pay. This is because Prime enrollment fees increased October 1st.
  • Some retirees may see a difference in their net pay in October and November IF their request to be assigned a new Primary Care Manager in a different Prime Service Area was approved after September 2, 2013. These individuals remain as Prime enrollees, but due to data file exchange timing between TRICARE and DFAS, they may see no Prime fee allotment from their October or November retiree pay.
Affected retirees should check their retiree pay statements and contact their regional contractor ( to find out how to pay for October and November and re-establish their allotment.    
Updated September 18, 2013