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How to Complete DD Fom 1351-2 for Do-It-Yourself/Personally Procured Moves

Block 1 Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is mandatory for all service members.  Service members must submit a voided check or SF 1199 ONLY if they have changed their financial institution. A copy of their MMPA data, i.e. LH screen is acceptable for EFT purposes in lieu of a completed 1199 or voided check).
Block 2 Last Name, First Name and Middle Initial of Soldier.
Block 3 Grade of Soldier.
Block 4 Social Security Number of Soldier.
Block 5 Indicate “Other”, write “PPM”-for your DITY claim.
Blocks 6a-d Valid mailing address for receipt of advice of payment.
Block 6e Valid email address.
Block 7 Daytime telephone number in the event your DMPO or DFAS-Rome should need to make contact.
Block 8 Order number which is listed on the orders (amendments) provided to the Soldier.
Block 9 List any and all previous payments paid from any finance office pertaining to this PCS move.
Block 10 Do Not Use – Leave blank.
Block 11 Service member’s new duty address. (Where is the service member being assigned to?)
Block 15


  1. Date: Leave blank.
  2. Place: Draw a line from the bottom left corner to the right top corner and print the word “DITY” on or above it.

Means/Mode of Travel: Leave blank.

  1. Reason for Stop: Leave blank.
  2. Lodging Cost: Leave blank.
  3. Privately Owned Conveyance (POC) Miles:  Leave blank.
Block 16 POC Travel: Leave blank.
Block 17 eave blank.
Block 18 Reimbursable Expenses: Leave blank. Your Operating Personal Expenses (OPE) list is part of the PPM claim.
Block 19 Leave blank.
Block 20

Claimant Signature and Date (member signs all PCS claims)

  1. Physical Signature of traveler (include date voucher was signed)
  2. Physical Signature of Reviewer - Transportation Office (include date reviewed)

*Please submit a DD Form 2278, Weight Tickets and Operating Personal Expense List (OPE).*

**Please submit a Housing Relocation form for a local PPM**

*Please assure DD Form 2278, Block 11 has the GBL listed at the 100% rate, not the 95% rate.*