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Privately Owned Vehicle (OCONUS)

How to complete DD 1351-2
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POV Shipment OCONUS (JTR, paras. C5200-5236)
An employee Permanent Change of Station (PCS) to or from an OCONUS Permanent Duty Station (PDS) may be authorized shipment of one Personally Owned Vehicle (POV) when the Authorizing Official (AO) determines that it is in the government's best interest for the employee to have the use of a POV at the OCONUS PDS.

POV Pick up / Drop off Expenses (JTR, par. C5216)
Reimbursement may be authorized when an employee chooses to deliver/pick up the POV to/from the Port/VPC (JTR, par. C5216).

Per diem is not payable when a traveler/designated representative makes a separate trip to a port/VPC to deliver/pickup the POV.

When delivering a POV for transportation, the reimbursement limitation is the cost of transporting the POV to that port/VPC from the old PDS or actual residence, as appropriate. When picking up a POV after it has been transported, the reimbursement limitation is the cost of transporting the POV from the port/VPC to the new PDS or actual residence, as appropriate.

Reimbursement is limited to the one-way PCS MALT (between PDS/ actual residence, as appropriate) and the one-way transportation costs (after the POV is delivered/to pick up the POV) which may not exceed the POV transportation cost from the:
1. Employee's old PDS/actual residence at the time of appointment, to the port/VPC, and
2. Port/VPC to the traveler's new OCONUS PDS, or
3. Port/VPC to the traveler's actual residence at the time of appointment/assignment to an OCONUS PDS when returning by PCS or for separation.

Reimbursement is authorized at the applicable PCS MALT rate for one-way travel for the official distance traveled to the port/VPC to deliver the POV, and from the port/VPC after reclaiming the POV.

Limited reimbursement is authorized for the actual one-way return transportation cost from the port/VPC to the old PDS/actual residence, as appropriate, after delivering the POV, and to the port/VPC from the new PDS/actual residence, as appropriate, to pick up the POV.

Where to submit your POV Pick Up/Drop Off Expenses claim
Submit the following by fax to one of these numbers:
Commercial: 216-367-3422
DSN: 580-7833

Voucher submissions:
1. DD Form 1351-2: Be sure to include appropriate signatures and dates.
2. DD Form 1614, Travel Authorization, including any amendments
3. Proof of payment/receipts
4. Any advance payment paperwork, DD Form 1351-2

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Instructions for completing a DD Form 1351-2 for POV Pick up / Drop Off Expenses

Block 1: Payment
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is mandatory absent a waiver from your agency. You may submit a DD 2762, or other documentation as long as it contains the following to ensure payment is properly transferred to your account:
- Traveler's name
- Traveler's SSN
- Traveler's address
- Routing number
- Account number
- Whether the account is Checking or Savings

Split Disbursement
When available requires an "x" in the block requesting it and the dollar amount to be sent to the Government Travel Card. If reimbursement is less than the amount requested, then the whole reimbursement would be sent to the Government Travel Card.
Block 2: Last name, first name, and middle initial of employee.
Block 3: Grade of the employee.
Block 4: Social Security Number of employee.
Block 5: Indicate "PCS" and "Member/Employee" - for employee only.
Indicate "PCS," "Member/Employee," Dependent(s) - for employee and dependents.
Indicate "PCS" and "TDY" - for TDY enroute.
Indicate "PCS," "Dependent(s)" - for dependent(s) travel only.
Blocks 6a-6d: Valid mailing address for receipt of advice of payment.
Block 6e: Valid e-mail address.
Block 7: Daytime telephone number in the event DFAS Rome should need to make contact.
Block 8: Order number listed on the orders or amendments (see DD Form 1614 Block 25) provided to the employee.
Block 9: List any and all previous payments paid from any finance office pertaining to the travel period being claimed. List "0.00" if you have not received any payments and "?" if you are not certain.
Block 10: Do not use - Leave blank.
Block 11: Employee's new duty station address where employee is being assigned. (See DD Form 1614 Block 8).
Blocks 12: Dependent(s): Mark "Unaccompanied." Note:
There is no reimbursement for dependent transportation or per diem related to this entitlement.
Block 13-14: Leave Blank
Block 15: Itinerary
a: Date: List the year the travel was conducted.
Next to "DEP" list the date organization/residence was departed (e.g., 06/1).
Next to "ARR" list the date arrived at a location for Authorized Delay enroute or new PDS if travel was performed the same day.
Next to "DEP" list the date departed for next stage of trip
Next to "ARR" list the date arrived at your New Permanent Duty Station.
b: Place: Ensure all places where you changed modes of transportation, departed a country or arrived in a country are included.
c: Means/Modes of Travel: List the type of transportation used for each leg of travel using the appropriate two letter code.
d: Reason for Stop: List the reason for stops using the appropriate two letter code.
e: Lodging Cost: Leave Blank; lodging/perdiem is not reimbursable with this claim.
f: POC (Privately Owned Conveyance) Miles: Insert actual miles driven.
Block 16: POC Travel: Must indicate whether POC (Privately Owned Conveyance) is Own/Operator or Passenger. If you are claiming mileage for an authorized POC driven to the New Duty Station, then annotate Own/Operator.
Block 17: Indicate the duration of total travel. Note: no per diem is reimbursable with this entitlement.
Block 18: Reimbursable Expenses:
a: List the date the expense was incurred.
b: List the type of expense (i.e., taxi fares).
c: List the amount of the expense.
Block 19: Does not apply to this Civilian Permanent Change of Station claim.
Block 20: Claimant Signature and Date: (a & b): Physical signature of traveler and date the voucher was signed. Both must be complete. The member signs all PCS claims.
Block 20: Supervisor/Reviewer and Date: (c & d): Supervisory Chain of
Command signature. All parts (20c, 20d, 20e, & 20f) must be completed. Check with your order issuing agency in case your claim is to be forwarded for review before submission to DFAS Rome.
Block 21: (If applicable) Handwritten name and signature of approving officer if authorizing expenses not listed on original order.
Note: Approving officer must list additional expenses authorized in block 29 and must include date signed in Block 21d.
Block 22: Leave Blank - Finance Office use only.
Blocks 23-28: Leave Blank - Finance Office use only.
Block 29: Used to clarify anything out of the ordinary, such as:
Indicate any and all leave periods during TDY.
Clarify any additional travel-related issues.
Reflect exchange rates when working with foreign currency.
List/explain any additional expense authorized after the Fact by the AO.

View the sample form below then download the DD Form 1351-2 to get started!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I be reimbursed if I transport my POV from a point of origin or to a destination that is different from my authorized origin or destination?
You will be reimbursed the transportation costs you actually incur, not to exceed what it would have cost to transport your POV from your authorized origin to the authorized destination.

Is there any circumstance under which I may be authorized to transport my POV from a post of duty before completing my service agreement?
Yes, if conditions change at your post of duty such that use of your POV no longer is in the interest of the government, or if you separate from government service prior to completion of your service agreement for reasons beyond your control and acceptable to your agency, your agency may authorize return transportation to your authorized destination. When the return transportation is based on changed conditions, you are still required to complete your service agreement. If you do not, you will be required to repay the transportation costs.

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