Before sending your claim, be sure to use the checklists so your claim isn't returned for additional information or corrections! We know you want to get paid on time.


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Upload your travel voucher and supporting documents online!
Travel Voucher Direct is available for all travel claims computed and paid by DFAS.

Not for those using DTS (Defense Travel System) for their travel vouchers.


Where to Submit Your Travel Voucher

Find out where to send your travel claim by mail, fax or email view this guide. On the PowerPoint toolbar, select "slide show" then click "view show." If you do not have this software, download the viewer.

ATTENTION customers submitting casualty travel vouchers:

Submit your travel voucher packages via email to

or mail to 
    DFAS-IN/Casualty Travel (JFA)
    8899 E. 56th St.
    Indianapolis, IN  46249

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact Casualty Travel Customer Service by phone at 317-212-3562 (DSN 699-3562) or email Your sevicing finance office or Warrior Transition Unit can provide information and assistance for completing and submitting your travel claims.

After we receive your claim, you can check the status online or by phone.

Page updated Aug. 13, 2015