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As an eligible DoD military or civilian employee’s family member traveling with evacuation orders in hand, your obvious first concerns involve getting to your safe haven and keeping track of the kids, the luggage and all your important documents.
But once you’ve reached your designated safe haven you’ll probably need funds for lodging and meal expenses.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep your receipts for lodging, as well as for authorized expenses over $75.

If you are near a military installation regardless of service, the finance office can assist you in requesting a travel advance or submitting an interim travel claim. If not, the following information and forms are available to help you submit your requests directly to DFAS. You will also find helpful information in the Evacuation Guide for DoD families.

Travel advances for evacuees
If you did not receive a travel advance, you can request one that will provide up to 80 percent of the estimated entitlement for 30 days at your safe haven location. This payment will be deducted from your first travel claim reimbursement. We encourage you to request only that percentage that will allow you to pay for known expenses and to submit interim travel claims to receive additional funds later.

To request an advance directly to DFAS, you must complete a Request for Advance form and Evacuation Information Verification Sheet. Be sure to provide the bank account information (routing number and account number), safe haven location, and children’s names and dates of birth. This form must be submitted under your name and Social Security number, not your military sponsor’s.

The form, along with a copy of your evacuation orders, can be submitted to DFAS Rome (NY) by fax or email.

Fax number: 315-275-0152

Customer service: 888-DFAS411 (888-332-7411)

Submitting an interim travel claim
Approximately 30 days following your arrival at your designated safe haven, you may submit a travel claim to receive per diem for your authorized travel, lodging and meal expenses. Per diem rates are based on your designated safe haven location and the ages of your child/children.

You must submit a completed DD Form 1351-2 and Evacuation Information Verification Sheet with a copy of your evacuation orders citing your safe haven location. You must also include receipts for lodging and authorized expenses $75 and over.

Use the May 2011 version of the travel voucher, DD1351-2 form! 
After April 30, we will only accept the current version of the travel voucher. Earlier versions signed and dated May 1 or later will be returned for action. We don't want you to have to redo your claim on the current version of the form dated May 2011. 

Again, any military finance office can assist you in completing the required form and reviewing your submission package.

Your travel claim package may be faxed, emailed or mailed to DFAS Rome.

Fax number: 315-275-0152

Mailing address:
Attn: Travel/NEO Claim
325 Brooks Rd
Rome, NY 13441

Customer service: 1-888-DFAS411 (1-888-332-7411)

Page updated May 26, 2015