Waiver Support Team: Individualized Help

NEW INFORMATION:  DFAS sent a waiver support team to Europe in July and to Korea and Japan in September.  The team met with more than 400 employees, many of whom have already submitted a signed waiver application.  If you were not able to attend an onsite session, you will be able to receive one-on-one support by calling: 
DSN 312-699-0580 or 800-729-3277

By calling the help line, you will receive the benefit of DFAS coordinating with HR to compile most of the documentation you will need to complete your waiver request package. If you choose not to reach out for additional support you can work individually with DFAS and your HR Office to prepare a debt waiver, as detailed below and in the debt waiver guide.


Debt Waiver GuidePlease use this  Guide to Requesting a Debt Waiver (PDF 1.9M - 5/2013) when you fill out page one of the Waiver/Remission of Indebtedness Application, DD Form 2789 (PDF 354KB - 5/19/2008).

The guide will help you collect the documentation you will need to submit with your DD Form 2789. Some or all of your Leave and Earnings Statements for three pay periods prior to the overpayment through three pay periods after the overpayment ended may be available via myPay. It's easy to get any missing pay records; simply use this letter when you submit your waiver request. By including this letter with the waiver request, DFAS will add your pay records to your waiver request/application package. 

Be sure your waiver package is complete and signed before you submit it. 
Use this cover sheet and checklist when you fax or mail your waiver package to ensure you have all of the necessary items for your waiver application.  Using this cover sheet will also help us quickly identify your application for expedited processing.
Updated October 9, 2013