Input from Human Resources will trigger a review of your pay account to compute your debt.  Reviews have already begun and notices are currently being distributed and will continue through early fall.  The reviews may take potentially longer if you received LQA for more than 10 years.

An official notice of indebtedness (or debt) letter will be provided to you and will include:
  • The total amount owed.
  • Due process rights.
  • Waiver request procedures.
  • Repayment option information, if you choose to begin repayment even though further debt collection will be delayed.
  • Information about requesting a hearing to contest the validity or amount of the debt.
If you have recently separated from the position for which you were erroneously granted LQA, please contact the appropriate Civilian Pay Customer Service Representative (CSR) or HR Office to verify your address of record.  This will ensure the notice is sent to your current mailing address.

Updated August 28, 2013