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If you are a Department of Defense civilian employee working overseas who received notice that you were erroneously being paid a Living Quarters Allowance (LQA) and have incurred a debt, you probably have many questions about the debt.  

Due to the unique circumstances of the debt:

  • Collection will be delayed; however, if you have an existing LQA debt related to a prior reconciliation, collection of that debt will not be delayed. 
  • If you request a debt waiver, collection will continue to be delayed while you wait for a decision on your request.
  • DFAS will make extra efforts to expedite the processing of your waiver request.

DFAS sent a waiver support team to Europe in July and to Korea and Japan in September to provide one-on-one support to employees who wish to prepare and submit a debt waiver. If you were not able to attend an onsite session, you may still receive one-on-one support by calling DSN 312-699-0580 or 800-729-3277.

Although you should wait until you receive the official notification letter with the amount you owe before requesting a debt waiver, we want you to know now: 

The Office of Personnel and Readiness (P&R) issued memoranda, dated January 3 and May 15, 2013, that authorized LQA for up to one year for employees, except in cases of potential fraud. Employees who are authorized additional LQA payments for up to one year will not incur further debt on those payments.

In all cases, Human Resources, the Services, employing agencies and DFAS are working together to process required actions, start the additional LQA and initiate debt notices.

Army NAF Employees - Please contact your local servicing NAF HR Office for instructions on the NAF debt waiver process.


To assist you, this LQA indebtedness site can help you understand:
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Page updated Oct. 27, 2014