Defense Finance
and Accounting Service
Providing payment services of the U.S. Department of Defense

Financial Services Defense Sector Functions

The Financial Services Defense Sector is part of the Department of Defense (DoD) and coordinates with all other DoD Components that own and/or operate critical infrastructure. Coordination includes identification, analysis, and assessment of the DCIP Community's critical systems, assets and mission related impacts.

Program Overview: The focus of the Financial Services Defense Sector Critical Infrastructure Program is on managing risk to the Sector's Mission Essential Functions. Ensuring the continued performance of these functions enable the Financial Services Defense Sector customers to receive seamless financial services support.


Functions Description
FS1  Military Pay Provide timely and accurate pay services to America's service members.
FS2  Civilian Pay Provide timely and accurate pay services to civilians employed by DoD
FS3  Retired & Annuitant Pay  Provide eligible retirees/annuitants with their complete DoD military entitlements/beneficiary entitlements
FS4  Travel Pay  Provide travel pay services for service members (Army and Navy), and some DoD civilians
FS5  Accounts Payable
Contract & Vendor Pay
 Ensure entitlements determination and payment to all business and certain individuals that have provided goods or services to DoD. Transportation pay, which uses a vendor pay application, is included in this category. Acquisitions are also included in this category.
FS6  Debt & Claims
 Provide customer support and technical advice in relation to debt, cost and claims management and garnishment. Process claims and transactions associated with these forms of payroll adjustments.
FS7  Accounting & Budgeting
 Provide responsive, professional accounting and budgeting services to the Department of Defense by making payments and collections, recording financial events, classifying, summarizing, and reporting the results of business transactions in financial terms.
FS8  Disbursing  Safeguard U.S. funds through delivery of payments and receipt of collections; providing prompt, accurate, and timely disbursing service; and, reporting Disbursing Officer accountability to the Department of Treasury.
FS9  Finance, Personnel & Misc. Provide financial management regulation, personnel oversight, and inventory and property management.

Critical Infrastructure for Finance (CIPFIN) Database:

The Financial Services Defense Sector has developed the Critical Infrastructure Protection for Finance (CIPFIN) database as a repository for DoD financial functions, systems, assets, and dependencies. CIPFIN is the Sector's primary characterization tool; it assembles information to characterize systems and assets that support strategic financial services and processes. The database provides detailed information on systems and assets specifically related to the functions of the Sector.

CIPFIN is classified Secret, Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals (NOFORN) in keeping with the protocols outlined in the DoD CIP Security Classification Guide. CIPFIN version 1.1 was released to the DCIP Community in the Fall of 2008