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Homeland Security Presidential Directive 7 (HSPD-7) Critical Infrastructure Identification, Prioritization, and Protection: Defines the national level policy on critical infrastructure. It assigns DoD as the sector-specific agency responsible for the Defense Industrial Base.

Department of Defense Directive 3020.40 (DoDD 3020.40) Defense Critical Infrastructure Program: Establishes the Defense Critical Infrastructure Program (DCIP). It assigns DFAS as the lead sector agency for the Financial Services Defense Sector. It outlines Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) responsibilities for DoD Components and Sectors.

Department of Defense Instruction 3020.45 (DoDI 3020.45) Defense Critical Infrastructure Program (DCIP) Management: Provides more detailed guidance to DoD Components and Sectors on how to implement DoDD 3020.40.

Department of Defense Manual 3020.45 (DODM 3020.45) DoD Mission-Based Critical Asset Identification Process:
Provides comprehensive procedures for implementing a defense critical infrastructure identification process across all the DoD Components and defense infrastructure sectors using a mission-focused process that includes all DoD functions.

Strategy for Defense Critical Infrastructure: Outlines the Department's strategy for ensuring the availability of assets deemed essential to the successful completion of DoD missions. It provides the DCIP program's mission, goals, and objectives.

DCIP Security Classification Guide (SCG): Provides guidance for the security classification of sensitive information, capabilities, methods, and activities associated with DCIP. It serves as the basis for classification, reclassification, and declassification of all DCIP related information and materials under DoD cognizance and control.

Department of Defense Instruction 5240.19 (DODI 5240.19) Counterintelligence Support to the Defense Critical Infrastructure Program:
Implements policy and assigns responsibilities for counterintelligence (CI) support to the DCIP program.

ASD(HD&ASA) DCIP Website: The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Defense, Homeland Defense and America's Security Affairs (OASD(HD&ASA)) provides program guidance for the Defense Critical Infrastructure Protection DCIP program. This website includes current information about DCIP activities, including policies issued by the Department of Defense as well as details about upcoming meetings and conferences.

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