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Navy/Marine Corps WAWF Reject Requests

A reminder for requesting Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) Navy and Marine Corps rejects. When a contractor submits an invoice in WAWF and later decides the submission is incorrect and needs to have it rejected, the request can be submitted to a specifically established email box:


Additional tips:

  1. This is for Navy and Marine Corps contracts only.
  2. State the specific payment office/DoDAAC on the SUBJECT line. EX: N68732 or M67443
  3. The invoice number and explanation for the reject request must be in the body of the email.
  4. Double check all info against the actual WAWF submission before sending your request. It must match exactly or DFAS cannot retrieve the record.
  5. The WAWF status of the invoice must show ' PROCESSED'.
  6. If the invoice was submitted with any type of incorrect info, this is how you must let us know which record you are referring to, otherwise we will not be able to retrieve the record.
  7. Each contract number/delivery order must be submitted on a separate request. You cannot 'double-up' on the reject request.