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MyInvoice moves to WAWF October 31, 2014

The myInvoice system is moving to Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) with a scheduled deployment of October 31, 2014. This delay will allow more hardware to be installed in order to handle the added volume expected with WAWF Release 5.6 which includes the transition of myInvoice. Contractors/vendors not using WAWF will need to register for WAWF in order to gain access to the new myInvoice functionality. Even invoices not submitted via WAWF will be viewable through this new capability.

Contractors/vendors are strongly encouraged to submit invoices through WAWF in accordance with a directive from the Department of Defense requiring electronic invoice submission. The current myInvoice system will remain active and run parallel with the new myInvoice for WAWF until the end of February 2015. To register in WAWF, please go to https://wawf.eb.mil.


3-way Match

The 3 ingredients required for a vendor to get paid are:

1. A valid contract/purchase order/agreement, etc.
2. A proper invoice
3. Acceptance of your services/supplies by a government entity

Payment is electronically sent to your banking information within System for Award Management (SAM).

Proper Invoices

Improper Invoices

Returning Invoices

Access Issues

Page updated September 16, 2014