Multi-System Search Tool (MSST)

MSST is a web-based multi-system federated search tool. It provides a secure, high performance single website for DFAS, military services, defense agencies and other federal process partners to search for and retrieve key document information from multiple DoD electronic repositories. Documents uploaded into the various federated source systems can be located and viewed via the MSST one-stop web application. MSST documents are viewed via Portable Document Format (PDF) and are easily downloadable. MSST was designed using Google TM and Microsoft's Bing TM search engines as models for the search process, while limited to specific document indices. Users simply enter applicable indices and submit the query. A list of documents matching the specified criteria is displayed to the user in order of relevance.

MSST receives a daily feed from each source system. With the exception of some documentation, which have been deemed as sensitive, the following documents are available in MSST:

    • CEDMS Vouchers with Attachments from January 2011 to current
    • VPS Vouchers with Attachments from 2003 to current
  • EDA - All of the following documents from 1996:
    • Contracts
    • Freight Government Bills of Lading
    • Government Transportation Request
    • Non-Automated Government Bills of Lading
    • Personal Property Government Bills of Lading
  • EDM - All documents from 1996 to current

Each source system manages its individual User Account set-ups. If you do not already have access to member systems, you must request it and be approved for it, before obtaining access to MSST.

MSST access is a two-step process.

  1. Request access to MSST by clicking the Request Access button at Authentication to MSST requires a DoD Common Access Card (CAC) and a .MIL IP address.  
  2. The user should complete a System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) Form DD2875 and email it to their TASO/EBPoC. The TASO/EBPoC will validate the user’s right to view documents within source systems and forward the access form to

Page updated April 23, 2015