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CEDMS Corporate Electronic Document
Management System
EDA Electronic Document Access
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EDI/IC Electronic Data Interchange/ Implementation Conventions
EDM Electronic Document Management
EFR Electronic File Room
EFT Electronic Funds Transfer
GPC Government Purchase Card
MSST Multi-System Search Tool
SAM System for Award Management
TPPS Third Party Payment System - PowerTrack
WAWF Wide Area Workflow

Welcome to the eCommerce Tool Box

The DFAS Electronic Commerce (EC) Tool Box contains resources designed to assist with the current financial-related Department of Defense (DoD) EC tools.

Electronic Commerce is the result of the 2001 National Defense Authorization Act which requires claims for payment under a DoD contract to be submitted in electronic form.

Our DFAS Electronic Commerce goals are:

  • Cost reduction of Defense Business Operations
  • Improved financial stewardship
  • Improved customer service
  • Performing the DFAS mission at best value for DoD
  • Operational excellence in finance and accounting services

DFAS is constantly improving e-Commerce capabilities with a final vision of replacing paper-based transactions with electronic processing.  Electronic processing will provide single-source entry, electronic transmission of data and electronic storage of data.

This web site provides an overview of the available e-Commerce applications and easy access to helpful reference and educational tools.

More information and questions on e-Commerce may be directed to

DFAS Reference Tool

The DFAS Reference Tool is currently down for maintenance.

The purpose of this tool is to help you locate the activity that pays your contract, computes and pays your travel settlement voucher, and accounts for your funds.

Page updated May 04, 2015