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Deadline approaching for Roth TSP
Active duty Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen must submit their updated contribution elections by Jan. 31 to avoid interruption to their retirement investment plans. myPay offers the fastest, most secure way to get this done on time.

Soldiers, National Guardsman & Civilians - it’s never been easier to track your travel pay.Check your PCS,TDY, Civilian Relocation voucher status online.*

*Available for Army active duty PCS/ Active duty Army and National Guard TDY vouchers; civilian relocation vouchers from DoD, Navy Capital Working Fund, Revolving Fund, Army civilians, Army Material Command

Affordable Care Act Tax Information for 2014
The Department of Defense, other agencies/employers won't be sending out  Affordable Care Act (ACA) related tax forms for the 2014 tax year. The IRS requires that you self-report, on your 1040 tax form, the months you, your family members or both had minimum essential coverage.

The 2015 Military Pay Chart is here! Basic pay, special pay info is now available.

Tax Year 2014 W-2 and 1099R schedule is out! Find out when you can expect to get yours in myPay. If you've opted for hardcopy statements, we've included the dates yours will be mailed.

With millions of users, protecting myPay login information is your first line of defense. Visit our new page on how you can keep your information secure.

Out-of-service debt customers, former service members and former civilian employees, you can quickly and easily check the status of your payments using the Online Debt Payment Status tool. Get your account balance, payment information, how the last payment was received and current account status.