DFAS Hire a Hero Program

DFAS offers careers in Accounting, Auditing, Financial Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, Mission Support, and Contracting. If you’re looking for an opportunity to work for one of the largest finance and accounting operations in the world, DFAS is the place for you.

We recognize veterans bring tremendous value and skill to DFAS – their leadership skills, team attitude and mission focus are key attributes we consider essential to our agency.

DFAS Hire a Hero Program

DFAS is committed to providing employment opportunities for men and women who have honorably served on behalf of our nation. To support this commitment, we are currently using an Applicant Supply File that includes 10 point veteran's preference eligible applicants. After a preliminary qualification determination is made, we place applicants in this file as a match for all of our specialties (series) and grades for which they are likely qualified. As vacancies occur in these specialties and grades, we can use this file and these possible matches as a means of recruitment using streamlined hiring authorities.

For more information about the Hire a Hero program, please contact HiringHeroes@dfas.mil.

To apply through the Hire a Hero Program, go to  http://go.usa.gov/NaG

Select Category "Applicant Documents", Subcategory "Submit Documentation" for complete instructions on how to submit your documents.

Provide the following documents:

  •  Résumé
  •  DD-214
  •  Letter indicating service-connected disability rating

Hire a Hero DMPO Internship Program

The Defense Military Pay Office (DMPO) internship program provides opportunities to military members in “outpatient” status at numerous DMPO locations, prior to their transition to civilian life.  Military members who participate in the program continue to earn their regular military pay, while gaining practical employment experience with DFAS.  Internship participants have the opportunity to enhance their career readiness and prepare for a future with DFAS, or another organization.  Completion of the Internship Program may lead to full-time employment at one of DFAS’ many locations.  Military members maintain a flexible schedule that allows them to accomplish their primary mission of recovery.

Internship Positions Available:

  • Military Pay
  • Computer Assistant

The program has been established at the following locations:

Ft. Gordon Ft. Campbell
Ft. Knox Ft. Drum
Ft. Sam Houston Ft. Belvoir
Ft. Lewis Ft. Stewart
Ft. Eustis Ft. Bliss
Ft. Carson Ft. Riley
Ft. Hood Bethesda
Ft. Benning DFAS Indianapolis
Ft. Bragg DFAS Europe
If you are a military member at one of these locations, and are interested in the Hire a Hero DMPO Internship Program, please contact your Transition Coordinator.

Page updated February 12, 2015.